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You're the Admin

You're the Admin.

One look and you know everything. No need to read manuals, rely on your pricey webmaster - you have your website's background on silver plate!

Clean navigation on left side lets you choose subpage you want to edit or add a new subpage. Page content appears on right side, with easy, email-like interface!

Type. Press Save Button. Preview!

Easy to Use

Easy to Use.

Sitebuilder Pro is the website builder (CMS) which you can recommend to web-developers, but also to your Mom or Dad, who may not be a computer genius.

It's easy and powerful

It's easy and powerful.

There's no easier content management system than Sitebuilder Pro, which offer so much.

Your subpages contents (like text or photos) are dynamic; separated from template (that part around your content, with menu and logo), so you can change or update your template at anytime - and keep your data safe!

One change on your template will appear on all subpages immediately - no need to repeat your template changes (like logo change or new item in menu) on all subpages!

You may ask yourself, why should you choose Sitebuilder Pro more than well-known free, open-source scripts like WordPress or Joomla, and you're right! But can you imagine your mom, dad or grandfather managing a Joomla website? Sitebuilder Pro is different, because in its own, magical way - much easier to use.

Sitebuilder Pro comes with built-in help center, which you can access directly in your Admin Area, where you can find answers for your questions, assistance or tips and tricks!

Royalty Free Photos

Royalty Free Photos

There's a Photos Catalogue integrated with your admin area, where you can easily buy licensed, professional photos for your website, point and click; images are automatically added to your files manager - and website looks pro!

Additional Templates

Additional Templates

Change your theme inside your admin area - just pick a template you like, and it will be installed on your website automatically!

Available Modules

Available Modules

By default, your new website will include basic, most common used modules like: Voting Poll, Blog, Gallery and Contact Form, which should fit most of your needs when you begin website building adventure!

Built-in Market, allows you to extend your website with more modules: Shopping Cart (which may also be used as Products Catalogue or just Catalgoue: for real estate industry, travel and any other user who need to show his contents in similar way); Forms Builder, Location Map, Events Calendar, Add to Google ("Google Webmasters"), Newsletter, Facebook Fanpage, Password Protected subpages and more!

web design: Mobile Devices Friendly

"Responsive" web design: Mobile Devices Friendly

You don't need to build a separate website for your mobile visitors, Sitebuilder Pro use "responsive" templates and your website will look good on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile! (try to resize your browser to see it live)

SEO Friendly Links

SEO Friendly Links

This website was built with Sitebuilder Pro, just have a look how links (subpage URL address) in main menu look: you can define any phrase to be a link to any subpage and Search Engines will just Love your links!

Drag and Drop easy

Drag & Drop.

Drag & Drop for better user experience; subpages in left-side navigation menu tree are draggable; photos in gallery, form builder's elements, answers in voting poll and more!

Even uploading files from your computer to your website has never been easier, drag files from desktop and drop them* anywhere in admin area to start uploading: one file or whole images gallery at a time!

* drag& drop uploading will work on modern browsers only: Firefox, Chrome and Safari You don't need Manual before starting, Sitebuilder Pro has the most intuitive CMS admin area ever! No need to dig: all subpages are visible on admin's left side, point & click to edit, save changes and you're ready! You can see your website structure all the time; it just works!

key features

key Features

List of selected features, which will make your website building an easy experience!

  • For end user: No software to download, files are installed automatically via cPanel Plugin (other plugins are available too)
  • No HTML knowledge required
  • Automated installation, no files to setup
  • SEO Friendly *Search Engine friendly links
  • Responsive & Mobile Device Friendly: Website will look good on Desktop & Mobile
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy Access to Subpages
  • Easily Add Subpages
  • Drag & Drop Subpages to create submenus
  • Add More Menus for better organization
  • Built-in Extension, Templates and Apps Catalogue
  • Built-in Templates Editor with 6 available theme layouts, 6 available menu styles, hundreds of fonts and thousands of customization possibilites
  • Over 60 Color Themes for Templates
  • Predefined Content Blocks
  • Easy Files Upload
  • Files Manager
  • Images Editor
  • Google Analytics support
  • Google XML Sitemap support
  • Built-in Search Engine
  • Social Media Features
  • Users Online Counter and Hitcounter
  • Custom Metatags for Subpages
  • Custom Favicon
key features

Templates Features

Sitebuilder Pro website comes with default template, which you can easily customize - replace default images with your own to give it individual look.

  • Highly Customizable - Kopage websites comes with default templates, which you can easily customize: replace default images with your own to give it individual look, change template layout, style, colors or fonts.
  • Social Media Support - Add Facebook, Twitter and other social media buttons to your website header's menu, footer or anywhere else on website contents.
  • Responsive - Mobile Friendly - You build only one website on your desktop/computer, and this website will work well on all desktop devices as well as on mobile phones, tablets and more. Website contents will fit content to viewer's screen automatically. Tableless design is also Google Friendly
  • Endless Possibilities - Each theme comes with 6 possible layouts (like menu on top, menu on the side, on top of home splash area), 6 menu styles (transparent, color, dark and more), logo-menu align (logo centered, on left, right), hundreds of fonts to choose, over 60 predefined color schemes.
  • There's also built-in Themes Catalogue, from where you can easily import a template to replace your current design.
key features

Available Modules

Modules, which are already available. Use them to build and extend your new website!

  • Blog
  • Photo Gallery with Slideshow option
  • Files Manager with 500,000 free photos library
  • Contact Form
  • Forms Builder
  • Vote Poll
  • Shopping Cart
  • Events Calendar
  • Newsletter
  • FAQ & Help Maker
  • Google Maps
  • Add to Google
  • RSS Feed Reader
  • Restautants Menu Maker
  • Sitemap
  • Muut Forums
  • Smartsupp Live Chat
  • YouTube Video Support
  • Paste Custom Code for JS/HTML/CSS Support
  • Downloadable Files

Video Tutorial:

Welcome to your new website

Add, modify, arrange and remove website contents

Add, remove and arrange subpages in menu

How to add and update Photo Gallery App

Theme Layout and Template Change

Add shop module to page, add and edit products and update shop's homepage

How to use subpage options

Website configuration, Metatags, Hitcounter and Social Networks (Facebook & Twitter)



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