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Frequently Ask Question (F.A.Q)

1. I created a poll - but can't see where to add it?
You need to define it on subpage or on template using vote tag

2. Is it possible to create website using this form to their name : or is it obligatory to have a name like:
Websites can be built on subdomains as well as on domains

3. I wanted to save some changes on my Demo website, but I see 'Not Allowed in Demo' message
Yes, saving changes is disabled Demo version, but only when you login as demo/demo, try to login with your original username/password

4. Can i install a website on a subdomain and then point his domain there?
Sure! You should use /upgrade.php tool instead /sitebuilder.php, then in the first step fill the form with your subdomain and continue, in step 2 he should select 'upgrade license' and in step 3 he will be able to add his domain.

5. The data for each created website, where is it stored? What file is i use (for backup purposes)
All website data is stored in your hosting account, so when you backup this account, website is backed up too

6. Can a SiteBuilder built site co-exist with other web pages on a user's web space? (For instance, could we "try out" SiteBuilder on our site while we presently have a site already there?
SiteBuilder always installs website on main folder, so all old files could be overwrited. We suggest to create another FTP account and use SiteBuilder there. It can be easly done in cPanel under "FTP accounts" tab, FTP username would look similar to ""

7. Does the site building portion work on all browsers (PC and Mac)?

8. What will happened if we shift or migrated to other hosting company, can i still able to use the website that i previously designed using this Sitebuilder ? Yes!, you can copy and migrate it and still able to use it EXCEPT you will no longer able to access to the admin panel.




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